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Naara Benta Empty Naara Benta

on Fri Oct 06, 2017 6:23 pm

Naara Benta OXB2OIz
Name: Naara Benta
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Bloodline: Civilian
Village: Suna
Rank: Chuunin
Specialty: Puppetry (Genin), Puppetry (Chuunin)
Curse Mark:
Her Curse Mark appearance:

Naara Benta DNAZP45
The user is the progenitor of a Juinjutsu, labelled as Curse Mark (it is on her neck in her appearance), which she can apply to anyone using a jutsu formula and her own DNA via varying methods of transference. Chakra and DNA must be present during the transferal. The applied mark can take a variety of forms, which depend on the person it inhabits. Curse Marks grant a portion of her chakra to the ones inflicted, giving them a boost to their own chakra, a physical ability boost and an additional boost depending on the target. Her own curse mark increases her Chakra, her physical ability, and her rate of healing. Every curse mark has two stages and cause visual differences in Chakra when being used, progressing the more the curse mark is tapped. The pain caused by a curse mark is severe enough that people without a high endurance usually have issues keeping it in check after extended use or exposure. True mastery of a Curse Mark can prevent the pain, but this is extremely rare as it requires attuning ones own chakra to the chakra of the progenitor.

Stage one spreads the formula of the seal across the body, slowly spreading from the curse mark itself to covering up to most of the body, the more it spreads the more powerful the user becomes, up to 25% stronger in their Curse Benefits, the user can generally use their own chakra to supress or control the amount of Curse Mark that spreads through the body but without sufficient chakra it can backfire and consume the chakra of the user entirely putting them in a weakened fatigue.

Stage two fully consumes the outer visual part of the users skin, turning the skin completely "mocha" in color as well as turning their iris yellow and schlera of their eyes black, there may even be other physical mutations that vary on the user. The benefits of the curse are maximized during this stage, up to 75% stronger, the chakra drain is higher in this stage and should the user run out of the ability to sustain the transformation, not only do they not revert back to stage one, but they are induced by immense physical pain regardless of durability as the Curse Mark attempts to overtake their chakra with it's own. Though this won't always be the case it usually means that the user is out of the fight. Skilled users or users who are strong enough on their own may continue some means of fighting, but their chakra usually suffers for the effort.

Curse Mark Cost: Stage 1 - 9 with 4 upkeep | Stage 2 25 with 10 upkeep

Chakra Pool: 90
Chakra Regeneration: 4
Chakra while under Curse Mark: Stage 1 - 112 | Stage 2 - 157


In order (Images in spoiler)(Chuunin can only use three at a time)
Using more than one puppet costs 5 chakra upkeep per additional puppet.

Each puppet has 1/6th of Naara's chakra pool at any given time, being human puppets, and regen at the same rate Naara would regen her own chakra at any given time.

Puppet Chakra Pool: 15
PuppetChakra Regeneration: 4
Puppet Chakra with Curse Mark: Stage 1 - 18 | Stage 2 - 26

Medical Ninjutsu Puppet + Cherry Blossom Impact Jutsu
Primary Jutsu Cost: 9 | Secondary Jutsu Cost: 5

Binding Puppet + Paper Clone Jutsu
Primary Jutsu Cost: 9  | Secondary Jutsu Cost: 5

Kenjutsu Puppet + Hidden Mist Jutsu
Primary Jutsu Cost: 0  | Secondary Jutsu Cost: 12

Defense Puppet + Eight Trigrams Palm Rotation
Primary Jutsu Cost: 0 | Secondary Jutsu Cost: 8

Taijutsu Puppet + Stone Fist Jutsu, Earth Wall Jutsu,
Primary Jutsu Cost: 0 | Secondary Jutsu Cost: 9, 15

Bakijutsu Puppet + Weapon Summon Scroll, Lightning Nature Transformation
Primary Jutsu Cost: 1 per 4 items  | Secondary Jutsu Cost: 3 per item

Puppet Appearances:
Naara Benta AEIvaz9
Naara Benta Ll1VmOG
Naara Benta S0Z1wWz
Naara Benta DwPmgvu
Naara Benta ZEz5Nkp
Naara Benta ULkUL6x


Name: [Tier II] Major Chakra Control
Rank: B
Type: Chakra Based
Description: The user is more careful about their Chakra reserves, resulting in a flat 5 Chakra reduced from the cost of any and all jutsu, excluding chakra upkeep. This cannot reduce costs below 1.

Name: [Tier I] Improved Endurance
Rank: C
Type: Physical
Description: Conditioning ones body in the art of pain has allowed for the ninja to have a heightened physical endurance. These ninja are so talented in dealing with pain that they seem to only feel a quarter of the pain that their peers would. This boost is usually enough to prevent the feeling of serious damage to the person from a mere punch or kick.

Name: [Tier I] Improved Evasiveness
Rank: C
Type: Physical
Description: Although all Ninja to some degree are renown for their evasive and slippery nature a possessor of this SC has trained to the point where they have begun to master not only the basic forms of evasive maneuvering, but they have also developed a small degree of Kinesthesiology (Bodily Knowledge) increasing their natural mobility and flexibility. The suitability of the ninja increases as they are now capable of executing quicker flips, twists or dodges than their peers.

Element: Wind

Learned Traits:
Name: Silent Killing
Rank: C/B/A/S [C]
Type: Learned Trait
Description: The user is able to eliminate all sound from their movements, causing their attacks to be difficult to anticipate or defend against. This is especially prevalent in assassination attempts, and most ANBU tend to learn this Trait due to that fact.

Name: Fast Hand Seals
Rank: C/B/A/S {B}
Type: Learned Trait
Description: The user is efficient at performing their hand seals rapidly, able to chain together seals and form them very quickly, causing them to be much more proficient at utilizing jutsu, as they do not need to stand and make each seal completely, and can blur the lines between them. This effectively causes the user to be 40% faster at Hand Seals at C-Rank, 75% faster at B-Rank, 100% faster at A-Rank, and 200% faster at S-Rank. Mutually exclusive with One-Handed Hand Seals, as a user may not have both.

Known Jutsu:

Name: Puppetry Summoning Jutsu
Rank: C
Cost: 1
Range: Self
Type: Nin
Description: Using the tattoo on her shoulder as the storage point, the user is able to summon any of her puppets at any time and dismiss them just as easily. When this occurs the telltale puff of smoke from a summoning jutsu occurs.

Name: Puppet Human Mimicry
Rank: C
Cost: 2 cost
Range: Self, Puppet
Type: Nin
Description: She is able to make herself look like her own puppet, being wrapped up in cloth on her puppet's back, though perfectly safe and conscious, controlling her puppet so skillfully that her puppet acts as if her puppet was her and she was her puppet. This further protects her as the puppeteer in many situations, as one might land a fatal blow on her puppet only to find the truth and become subject to a nasty counter attack. This does not require her to be in a cloth cocoon on the puppets back however. The two can fight as if Naara was being controlled like a puppet and be so convincing that it would be hard for even another puppeteer to notice.

Name: Puppet Transformation
Rank: D
Cost: 1
Range: Puppets
Type: Nin
Description: Using this technique she can make her puppets look like her or someone else. She primarily uses this to make her standard puppet look like it could be her sister. This allows the puppet to appear and seem human to outsides that do not possess visual prowess like the Byakugan which can see through such henges.

Name: Puppet Ventriloquism
Rank: D
Cost: 1
Range: Puppets
Type: Nin
Description: She can throw her voice perfectly through any of her puppets, even changing it so that it doesn't sound anything like her, she can even do this while she herself is talking, further causing the illusion that the puppet is really a human.

Name: Chakra Wire Technique
Rank: A
Cost: 15
Range: 0-50M
Type: Nin
Description: In a way similar to how she controls her puppets she can use her chakra wire on non-living or "willing" living humanoid bodies to use them as makeshift puppets. This can be a last resort or a cooperation effort to allow a team to better handle someone above their level. As the controlled would move with the knowledge and battle insight of two people rather than one.

Name: Puppet Swap Technique
Rank: A
Cost: 15
Range: Self, Puppet
Type: Nin
Description: She is able to swap places with one of her puppets at any time. Like the body replacement technique this can only be achieved four times in a thread.

Name: Puppet Weaponry
Rank: S
Cost: 35
Range: Puppet
Type: Bakijutsu
Description: The puppets made by her each have two hidden arm blades, scythe ribs, one canister of poison gas "spewer" in their mouth, and senbon launchers in each finger with one shot per finger. Anytime the puppets run out the user is able to supplement Chakra to form more using nature transformation and shape transformation. This allows the puppets to last longer even if the puppets themselves are currently low on their specialized human puppet chakra.

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