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Himura Clan History/Detail Empty Himura Clan History/Detail

on Sat Oct 07, 2017 12:27 am
=The Himura Clan=

Clan's Name: Himura

Biography:The Sanada clan was founded by a man named Yokiri. After being removed from his village roster due to a backfired jutsu, he met a woman in Kumo, and had several children. Around puberty, they started showing a new trait due to Yokiri's aquired abilities of craftsmanship, a technique that allowed them to view the inner-workings of any device, which they named Shugi Ketatamashii. This power allowed them to be the best craftsman in the world, and let them delve into totally new secrets. They scattered to carry on the trade in different parts of the world; after a few generations, when there were a lot of them, a bunch of them were totally indulged in their weapon crafting that they became unable to pursue other activities like dating. They rarely dated, married or had the time to reproduce and contribute to the gene pool. While generally lacking in Ninjutsu, they excelled in physical combat as far as weapons go. These people learned an interesting trait of the chakra network. They possessed basic level elements, but some could create metal with their chakra, powerful during their youth... at the cost of being unable to produce any other elements. Several members rose to fame, but after the death of Sanada Musashi, Sanada Kiri and the rest of the clansmen concentrated in the mountains for a short time, then began taking up residences within the Ash, Lightning and Mist countries.

The Sanada are an extremely inquisitive group. At their prime, they could view the human body as if it were a machine. And of course, within every great power there comes those that aren't quite right in the head. Sanada Mekura was one of these people. Having existed in that time and being one of the first to be able to do it, he began his experiments promptly. Mekura wanted to amplify the Sanada bloodline, to make it stronger and better suited to fighting then it came down to it. The only problem with the idea was that he didn't know exactly what kind of abilities he wanted the clan to be able to have. Therefore, he was forced to simply alter the DNA one gene at a time until he came up with a perfect recipe. Out of his initial hundred test subjects, all of which were involuntary, Mekura produced only three surviving people. Of these three, the new abilities within the Sanada clan were the ability to open a pocket dimension at will, the ability to generate imitations to anything they saw the blueprints of, and a stronger version of the Shugi Ketatamashii. Each of these three abilities were efficient on their own, but he spent the next years of his life isolating the specific genes that allowed these abilities to exists so he could implant them all into test subject one-hundred one. They all worked beautifully, but the Sanada council did not like it. 

The council disposed of a good majority of Mekura's work, as well as dispatching subject one-hundred one from this realm. However, Mekura had the 'blueprints' for the test subject memorized, and thus was able to recreate it in a single child, who henceforth became test subject zero. Zero was slightly different than one-hundred one because instead of trying to figure out his new abilities, Zero grew up to learn them. The Shugi Ketatamashii for test subject Zero became known as Toresu, Trace; this was because he had to physically touch an object in order to use the Shugi Ketatamashii, but also had it instantly memorized, as opposed to memorizing a recipe being something that one had to work harder for. Then, he could create a replica of what he traced, and store it in his pocket dimension, which definitely made travelling much easier. There was a limit to how much of the dimension he could open up however, which expanded as he grew stronger and older. The council once again found out about this test subject, but this time Mekura was able to convince them to give him a chance. He was superior in some ways to the other Sanada, and inferior in others. With the different abilities, he wasn't as good a blacksmith as the others because he spent time training his other abilities, and his actual fighting skills with subpar with other Sanada, but not having to physically carry his weapons everywhere definitely made things easier.

The council decided that these abilities could be helpful to the Sanada bloodline, but wanted to isolate them from the rest of the clan. Subject Zero and a female of his choosing were sent to Kumo, where they reproduced to two children, both of which had a new thing that their father did not. Their eyes were red in color, with a very unique design to them which revealed their analytic ability. At first there was nothing special about it; however, when they were old enough to start using their abilities, while accessing their pocket dimension, each of their eyes glowed. The color was different for each of them, just as their chakra was different; the doctor whom they'd asked determined that the color of their eyes while accessing this ability was the same color as what would be their chakra if it were plainly visible. This was the only way to know when they were accessing the pocket dimension, unless they were not being careful and just slipped their hands into it, which would make them disappear while in it. The two of them contributed more to the gene pool, and generation after generation they became known as the Himura clan, rather than the Sanada clan. As of now, the Himura and the Sanada are on 'okay' terms, but a fight between the two clans could break out with a rather miniscule effort.

One day, a member of the clan decided it would be more befitting to focus on the way of the sword, utilizing it efficiently, deftly, and without burden instead of the holistic approach on smithing, mechanics, and the like. True to his brutal nature, one Souma Hiruma would begin developing the inherited traits from the Sanada and Himura blood traits to become one with the weapon chosen by its wielder. Specifically, using a similar effect to the chakra-to-metal that the Sanada originally gave birth to, Souma would attempt to shift the structure of tissue and metal alike to a more durable material. While the material doesn't have a formal change in type or appearance, it's the structural intergrity and organization is the main change. Weapons and Armor can be made to be more durable, rigid, dense, and the human bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles are more malleable, yet more integral, able to withstand more force and torsion before wear and tear sets in. Even skin can be made to withstand basic wounds. With this subverting of the clan's practices and ideals, Souma was quickly treated as an outsider, eventually left to wander in areas surrounding Kirigakure, no long feeling welcome in his home of Kumogakure.

=Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan=

The Himura clan is the source of a few separate abilities, that when utilized and balanced effectively, can make a fearsome combination. The Shugi Ketatamashii of the Sanada clan became the Himura's "Toresu" ability, which allows them to automatically commit to memory the blueprints, scaling and design of any non-organic, physical matter they touch. This Toresu ability can be technically considered to be a dojutsu due to it affecting the user's eyes, but isn't, exactly. The second of the abilities is called Toei, which allows them to produce an imitation of anything their Toresu has stored in their memory, and has the ability to change the creation, making it bigger and weaker or smaller and stronger. A sub-effect of Toresu and Toei is used when both are consistently active. This ability allows a Himura to reinforce a part of their body or an object to be a certain density or durability. Their true ability, the one at which is their best, is the Boruto: The Vault. The vault for any Himura clan member is private, and no two members can access the same vault under any circumstances. Things stored in this vault, this pocket dimension, are only able to be accessed through the owner of the vault. If an Himura dies, their vault collapses and everything within is destroyed automatically. While the vault is being accessed, an Himura's eyes will change from red to whatever color their chakra is. Of course, the vault itself can only hold so much before it's at its limit, although the capacity does increase with the rate of power of a ninja, working off of a point system.

Genin100 PointsTools (Kunai, poison, etc)005 Points
Chuunin200 PointsWeapons025 Points
Jounin300 PointsArmor Sets050 Points
S-Rank600 Points

Clan Information:

- Clan Training :: The Himura clan prides themselves on their rigorous balance of training between their clan abilities and their blacksmithing, attempting to rival the Sanada's own skills. Their training begins by their parents at any age from four to seven based upon what the parents decide to be best, and they do not stop until they graduate from the academy of Kumo, at which time they will be considered young adults within the clan, able to pursue whatever skills they wish. Some prefer to be blacksmiths, others are warriors. It's solely up to each person. :: Members of the Himura clan are required to have the Fuuinjutsu speciality if they wish to access their vault.

Population :: E[20-50 Members] :: While the Sanada tend to be shorter than normal with dark hair and a dark complexion, Himura clan members tend to be average to above average height with any color of hair, usually that of one of their parents. Their eyes are always silver with a unique design within them that instantly identifies them as an Himura. Their eyes are always silver at birth, but upon using their vault ability the eyes will change color based upon the color of the user's chakra. To hide their eyes, however, Himura have a habit of wearing masks. They tend to be, much like the Sanada, athletic and muscular, but some male adults develop thicker frames. In addition, members of the Himura clan have a birthmark located somewhere on their body (usually the palm of their primary hand) in this shape that also signifies them being part of the Himura clan, and is the source of their pocket dimension.

Nature//Values :: The Sanada are generally a lawful neutral clan with no real value system or governing body, just a thirst for knowledge. However, the Himura are a bit different. They're more inclined to the Chaotic Neutral side of the spectrum, as they follow their own heart within a set of guidelines. Politically, they're led by two people, one from the Himura clan itself and one from the Sanada clan, who only make sure that the clan does not go to war with another clan or among itself; but aside from that, the clan members are pretty much free to do what they want, when they want.

Additional Information :

Clan Founder :: Technically founded by Sanada Mekura, the first surviving member of this clan was Test Subject Zero: Sanada 

Clan Political Structure :: The Himura are led by two men: Himura Shiro and Sanada Ryuu. These two men are not of equal standing within the clan, as Sanada Ryuu is only there to make sure there nothing bad happens and that the clan does not go to war with the Sanada or become too powerful. Himura Shiro, however, keeps the clan very loose and allows most of the people within it to do pretty much what they want and when they want, as to not seem like a hardass like his father was. Their policy on desertion is death, and nothing less.

Name: Seitetsusho (Ironworks)

Type: Body-Alteration, Metal-Forming.

Stages: N/A

Clan members receive the ability to work with metal via natural talent or jutsu, to reinforce body and weapon for better use in combat, the ability to store items in a personal storage jutsu, and most importantly, structure analysis and reconstruction.

Jutsus it Unlocks:

Name: Trace
Range: Physical Contact
Jutsu Type: Alteration
Elemental Affinity: None.
Clan: Himura
Cost: 0
Description: Commits the structure of an object to memory permanently so long as it is non-living. This includes anything from staves and kunai to engines, buildings, and advanced machines.

Name: Toei
Range: Self
Jutsu Type: Equipment/Item Summoning
Elemental Affinity: None.
Clan: Himura
Cost: 0?
Description: The user summons in full reconstruction, an item that has been committed to memory. Must follow the same rules as Trace.

Name: Boruto: The Vault.
Range: Self
Jutsu Type: Fuinjutsu
Elemental Affinity: None
Clan: Himura
Cost: 0
Description: This jutsu allows the user to reach into a pocket dimension and place or retrieve an item that was stored there. There is a limit to what it can hold based on the user's power, and Fuinjutsu specialty of at least one rank is required to use this technique. The tell that this is being used is that the user's eyes will reflect their chakra color when in use.

Name: Reinforce
Range: Self
Jutsu Type: Alteration
Elemental Affinity: None
Clan: Himura
Description: This jutsu taps into the clan's natural affinity for metal and restructures the body and/or weapon used at a molecular level, making them more intergral, harder to separate, and harder to damage/injure.


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