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Kimyōna Clan Empty Kimyōna Clan

on Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:51 pm
=Kimyōna Clan

Clan's Name: Kimyōna

Biography: Through some divine prank, an odd Ninja in Konohagakure was born with a rather strange gift, the ability to see other worlds naturally. Some would devote their lives to research, and understanding this mind-blowing gift, others might use it to spy on their enemies. The progenitor of this gifted set of eyes, however...

Enter Saio Kimyōna, the first to be graced with such a gift. Rather than use it reasonably, she has found it more fun to simply view the world of other humans, seeing what monstrous things they'd created, exploring the world that has essentially been taken over by two things. Something called the 'internet' and 'anime'. She is endlessly enthralled with the things of that world, and often imitates several aspects of that world in her own, just because she knows she can, and because it's fun for her. Some that have met Saio at first glance claim that she's not exactly intelligent, lacking rationality and reason. After getting to know her, many have gone insane and run into the mountains, screaming for fear of their sanity. The few that didn't lose their minds have actually theorized that her bloodline has the potential to be infectious, tagging hopeless individuals and overriding whatever blood they contained, effectively resetting them to be a part of the nutty clan that she herself is the currently only practicing member of.

It does raise to question plenty of things, but mostly, whether her gift will be passed on and used for good, evil, or just plain silliness for silliness's sake.

Skills/Kekkei Genkai

Name: (Name of the Kekkei Genkai.)

Type: Dojutsu + Transformation Advancement + Genjutsu Recreation

- Passive dojutsu, Active Transformations with relatively low upkeep. (Stage 1)
- Dojutsu is active, can scan environments, and project any stored environment through genjutsu. (Stage 2)

Visually, Stage One has next to no effect on the eyes, aside from being slightly more reflective. This is meant to enhance the user's ability to see fine and hard to notice details.

Stage Two however is a notable difference. No matter the original iris color, the iris becomes iridescent, a dark black that refracts light. This causes the iris to appear in many colors, which shift based on the refraction patterns that shift with even the subtlest movements. Yes, Saio gets fucking structural rainbows for eyes.

Effects: The eyes possessed by persons of this clan are unique in the sense that they can view other worlds without prior requisite, while the first thought when it comes to this description, yes, it can view the Moon world. The other worlds it is capable of seeing lie far outside of that though, including the outside world, and other worlds created beyond even that. The only limit to this viewing is the sense that it cannot view ANY material of THIS world. (No metagaming bullshit.)

Jutsus it Unlocks:

Name: Advanced Detail Transformations
Rank: D/C
Range: Self
Jutsu Type: Body Transformation
Elemental Affinity: N/A
Description: The level of transformation jutsu detail is enhanced, getting the voices, skin details, hair fineness, and all other sensory features exactly as desired. All that is required is for the person copied to have been met once, at which point they are analyzed by the dojutsu, "Other World's Eye". All biometrics are catalogued and stored permanently in the brain for later access.

Name: Gender Swap Jutsu
Rank: D
Range: Self
Jutsu Type: Body Transformation
Elemental Affinity: N/A
Description: Exactly what it sounds like, and shouldn't need explanation. Butttttt, since it's here. Swaps the gender of the user from female to male, and vice versa, completely inclusive of organs, general appearance, body structure and details, voice, horomones, inner workings. Everything.

Name: Other World's Eye (Tasekaigan)
Rank: A
Range: Self?
Jutsu Type: Dojutsu
Elemental Affinity: N/A
Description: This dojutsu is passive. All persons that are seen with eyes that possess this ability are instantly analyzed in full aspect, down to the molecular level. Their voice, habits, personality, subtleties, and remaining visual biometrics are all perfectly stored for the purpose of freeform transformation jutsu. Persons viewed via the other-world viewing eyes also fall into this category.

Name: World Recreation
Rank: C/B/A/S
Range: 5/10/25/50 meters respectively
Jutsu Type: Genjutsu
Elemental Affinity: N/A
Clan: Kimyōna
Description: This is a genjutsu centered around visually imitating and recreating another place, no matter the world of origin. This allows for the random shifting of location and place, as well as the needless summoning of various objects from a world that has been localized via the Other World's Eye. The effect this generates is basically a small, circular room. Objects generated only maintain their form while inside the area, and if tossed outside, will fizzle away as if they never existed.


Open at your own risk:

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