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Chakra System Empty Chakra System

on Wed Oct 04, 2017 2:18 pm

During combat there are many different paths one can take to being a victor and most of these paths involve jutsu. In the past, we have relied on trust that members will not overdo it, but most of the time it is done by accident anyway. So now we have developed a fair chakra system to ensure a realistic nature is adapted into combat when it comes to chakra consumption and exhaustion. Below you will find values with the initials 'CP' which stands for Chakra Points. These Chakra Point values listed below are what some call their chakra capacity. The final ten of these points are not considered to be points you should use in a fight, these points are what essentially keeps you alive.

Example: A Genin has a 50 CP capacity but should utilize a maximum of forty of these in battle unless their life is already threatened. Additional usage may result in death if a staff member deems it an overuse. Even using all forty of these points would mean you are extremely exhausted and would most likely struggle to escape. The less points you use, the less exhausted you would be, without considering other physical possibilities like damage you have been inflicted with or if you have been running for a considerable amount of time.
    Genin: 50 CP
    Special Chuunin: 70 CP
    Chuunin: 90 CP
    Special Jounin: 110 CP
    Jounin: 150 CP
    Kage: 200 CP

Of course, with the information provided above, you are surely already lead to believe that this will involve how you create jutsu yourselves. This is partially true. When describing a jutsu, you need to describe it as best you can to ensure the staff can give your jutsu an appropriate value. Although Taijutsu and Basic Weaponry doesn't necessarily require chakra molding to perform, we consider some chakra usage must be use and therefore have them adapted into our system, certain Taijutsu may cost less than a Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, but once again if the move is heavily exhausting then the value could be higher than that of a Genjutsu or Ninjutsu.
    D Rank: 3 - 4
    C Rank: 5 - 9
    B Rank: 10 - 15
    A Rank: 20 - 25
    S Rank: 35 - 39

For those jutsu that last longer than one post and require the constant manipulation of chakra, there is an additional cost associated with maintaining them. Please state in your jutsu's description the maximum duration of the jutsu, especially regarding Genjutsu.
    D Rank: 2 CP Per Post
    C Rank: 4 CP Per Post
    B Rank: 6 CP Per Post
    A Rank: 10 CP Per Post
    S Rank: 15 CP Per Post
      Kekkei Genkai jutsu with an upkeep are considered one rank below their actual rank in terms of upkeep only, due to latent prowess. If your character is less skilled with these jutsu, you may choose to ignore this note at your discretion.

The final part of Ninja Scrolls' Chakra System is that, everyone regenerates a small amount of Chakra every post, based on their rank.
    Genin: 2 CP
    Special Chuunin: 3 CP
    Chuunin: 4 CP
    Special Jounin: 5 CP
    Jounin: 6 CP
    Kage: 8 CP
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