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Omoni Clan Biography

The clan of Omoni ninja dates back far too many years to count, but most in the bloodline chose one of two paths, the life of a mercenary, as many in Kirigakure and Sunagakure had chosen, or the life of simple quiet farm folk. It has been said that their bloodline was once traced back as far as to Kaguya's time, to a man named Jashin. Jashin, who was among those who wished to seal Kaguya away, and by extension, kill off her descendants who had caused great pain in many of the lands that would only be remembered much later as the first major conflict, as mere legend. Jashin, as many others were, was a descendant of Kaguya and the Otsutsukis, not by choice, but by way of blood. Unable to possess all the capabilities of the Otsutsuki clan, instead, a different trait was passed to him. His sclera turned black, red in the veins and iris, and he slowly became unable to contain himself. Madness set in and took his soul over. That night, on his return home, he killed all the members of his household, wife and children included. As the madness slipped away, he realized what he had done, and began to carve random patterns in his skin and body. He wanted to atone for his actions by feeling all the pain that he rightfully earned. What he hadn't realized however was that this act saved him. The pain that he felt, emotional, mental, and physical in one, layered together and released the Kurushimigan. Still, he never felt that he atoned enough, and spent a majority of his life helping those in need with his gift. These eyes of his were now clear, able to read the pain and emotions of others, share pain, give it, take it, all at his discretion. And with this power of his, he was among those who sealed Kaguya away forever.

Ages would pass, and the Omoni clan worshipped the image of Jashin as though he were a god, telling of his deeds, his tragedy, and his mysterious blood-power, the Kurushimigan as though it were only a legend. Little did they know that in their blood ran the same traits, dormant in most, save for a few individuals who would attempt to awaken it and cave into the madness, taking their own life in the process.

This continued, empty and endless until one family in Kirigakure, home to Seigi and Hisan'na Omoni. The younger child was simply unwanted, and as such, abused even at a young age. The older of the two, Seigi, was the pride of the household, and was lifted high as a result. Their father, Kondō Hisan'na was a sellsword by trade, and did not hesitate to take out his frustrations, failures, and urges on the little girl. During one of these sessions of brutalization, plenty of blood flowed from the wounds of Hisan'na. The blood that transferred to her father infected his system, and eventually, his body became numb, he became mad, and unable to work, the mother, Sokasa, tossed the girl out into the night, unable to care for her and partially filled with hatred for the little girl. Seigi continued to be valued by the home, and though the father grew ill, he still raised the son as best he could, proud of his boy.

It became apparent that the blood of Hisan'na Omoni, when in contact with a person long enough, attacked the nervous system of a person, were they covered in enough of it. She was only minutely aware of this, and was herself, immune to this. This was most likely the same as others in the clan. As time went on however, many fights later with advantageous passers-by, she realized that it kept her alive, and so, used it. This attributes a bit to her cold and lucid personality, malicious towards most people that aren't standard humans. However, after a time, she found that she missed seeing her own blood, and used a kunai to cut her arm open, interested in learning how her body worked. This also lead to her learning Medical Ninjutsu. As time passed further, she developed a taste for Genjutsu, learning to simulate the effects of her blood long before they were semi-permanent. After some time, Hisan'na was kidnapped by a Sunagakure Anbu, and was quickly restrained. Outmatched, she was forcefully subjected to an experiment where she was sealed with the One Tailed Shukaku.

In the end, in the villages that called bits of the Omoni clan their home, many families were dysfunctional, wrought with pain. Many were simply uneventful. Some were families of evil, and some of ill intent, but they were all insiginificant unless they had awakened the Kurushimigan. Few ever would and live to tell the tale.

Little did Hisan'na know or care, but in her absence, Kondō, her father, tried to raise up young Seigi to hate her with a brilliant passion. While he may or may not have succeeded, as time went on, the plot for this little plan thickened. He himself imbued his son with the Three-Tails, Isobu, and as it were, the tension in this family would reach its peak. The two children had journeyed separate ways, long and far. Their meeting would be the apex of hate. Hisan'na, with the One Tails and having unlocked Kurushimigan already, and Seigi with the Three Tails, having no idea that he too possessed the ability to control it. The fight didn't last long, and it was not for lack of power, but instead, waning control. Seigi's madness, unruliness, and inability to control his strength would lead to him almost losing. Until that is, he'd let Isobu take over, and ran her through. Feeling masses of guilt, he ran home, locking himself away after telling his father of the fight. His father seemed proud of him, surely, but for what good? Instead of revelling in it, Seigi took it upon himself to attempt to take his own life, failing many many times. This trauma would cause him to unlock the Kurushimigan in it's full control, and it was then he realized what needed to be done.

No family could have been more divided, but no other family could hope to give birth to two users of the Omoni clan's secret weapon.

Skills/Kekkei Genkai

Name: Mercuric Blood
Type: Body mutation
Stages: N/A
Effects: The blood of the inheritant contains a substance much like mercury, in the sense that it attacks the nervous system of any it touches. Small amounts of blood contact results in temporary numbness, but this can be rinsed off. Prolonged exposure can result in permanent damage. If an entire limb is covered, it can result in loss of muscular control after several hours. If a person is largely covered in it, the end result may end up being that they descend into madness, schizophrenia, and other altered perceptions of reality. The estimated time to extensive nerve damage is similar to that of a powerful neurotoxin, eating away pain receptors and signal transmitting nerves in as little as 30 minutes to an hour after exposure. The nerves could theoretically be repaired with Medical Ninjutsu, but it would have to be apparent that the nerves have been damaged.

It is assumed that if the blood enters the target's body, and gets into their bloodstream, it would afflict them at a much faster rate. While Omoni Hisan'na is the only currently known possessor of this trait in the clan, it is quite possible that this kekkai genkai is either a latent gene, or something that is only passed to certain members of the clan.

Name: Blood Regeneration
Type: Body mutation
Stages: N/A
Effects: The rate at which the body creates blood is greatly enhanced, very capable of preventing death by bleeding out, but leaving the inheritor very capable of death due to other damage. This is an ability that even dormant members of the clan have been noted to have.

Name: Kurushimigan (Suffering Eye)
Type: Dojutsu
Stages: 2
Effects: Initially, when first activated, the sclera turns black, and red vein-like markings appear. The blood begins to feel as though it is boiling, and madness begins to set in. Unless the person it takes hold of has a strong will, it will most likely drive them to do something they will regret. If and when this happens, most people would probably feel the pain mentally and emotionally. The last step required to unlock a stable Kurushimigan is to harm themself, or at least experience physical pain on a large scale, the unification of all mass scales of pain is what does it.

Stage 1 - The eyes have been stabilized, and the sclera's color can be altered to white, red, or black, at will. It's very apparent and noticeable that changing the look of the sclera is very painful, and most people using this dojutsu will display this. The basic abilities are simply this, when the sclera is white, body temperatures can be read, assessing things like emotion, telling lies, or just generally how warm or cold a person is. This ability takes a little while to understand as it is information-based only. When the sclera is black, levels of injury can be assessed. Pain sensory information of an individual is accurately noted, and external and internal injuries can be seen. When the sclera is red, blood red, the blood flow and chakra flow of an individual can be sensed, noting any toxins and impurities in those systems.

Stage 2 - When fully activated, Kurushimigan has a second stage that allows the creation of a link between the user and one other person. This link needs eye contact to be established, and when it is done, ___. In this manner, the dojutsu is similar to a Genjutsu, but creates a chakra-based link that allows the user to psychologically inflict pain on their link target, or take it upon themselves. To those that have no pain tolerance, this is detrimental, and can seriously inhibit their ability to fight, or give them the strength they need to get back up and continue. The intensity of the pain depends on whether the pain comes from the user, or is amplified in the target's body or mind.

Jutsus it Unlocks

Name: Mercuric Vision
Rank: B
Range: Line of sight
Jutsu Type: Genjutsu
Elemental Affinity:
Clan: Omoni
Cost: 10 + 6 upkeep
Description: This is a technique developed by Hisan'na Omoni, it allows her to generate and simulate the effects of her blood's mercury-like toxin in advance, causing numbness, loss of control and internal pain. This effect fades if broken, and merely acts as a method to enhance the rate at which she can take someone down.

Name: Pain Synthesis
Rank: B/A
Range: Line of Sight
Jutsu Type: Dojutsu
Elemental Affinity:
Clan: Omoni
Cost: 10/15 CP
Description: This ability builds off of the Kurushimigan's natural affinity to sense, receive, and take pain. Essentially, the user focuses their will into a linked target and chooses whether to absorb pain or inflict and amplify pain.


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