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Kanon Umiko Empty Kanon Umiko

on Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:18 pm
Name: Kanon Umiko
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Village: Land of Snow
Rank: B-Rank
Specialty: Genjutsu, Ninjutsu
Kanon Umiko C4DkvC7WAAANSLp
Chakra Capacity: 90
Chakra Regeneration: 4/Post

Name: High IQ
Type: Social Based
Description: The ninja innately possesses a high IQ which gives them a great deal of practical and analytically prowess. Whilst some might confuse a High IQ with a wealth of knowledge, that is not the case. More often than not possessing a High IQ equates more so to your ability to analyze and work your way through or around problems. To some degree many Shinobi who possess this Special Characteristic can be viewed as quick learners or even prodigies in their chosen areas of study. Like the obvious benefits of being very smart, the ninja may be well regarded for their great mathematical and thinking abilities.

Name: Strategist
Type: Social Based
Description: A correlation with High IQ, the Strategist SC should be used to describe characters who because of their innate analytically nature have become renown as great strategists. Whether they may have gotten their start mastering games such as Chess, Go or Shogi, there is little to no doubt that those possessing this Special Characteristic will likely ascend to the level of a great General or wartime adviser to the Daimyo themselves. They are marked by their impressive abilities to plan and perceive at levels that generally surpass their colleagues.

Name: Infinite Riches
Type: Social Based
Description: The ninja gains near infinite Ryo from either inheritance or a unknown circumstance which makes them filthy rich and now highly respected in their village. They can now live in large mansions in their villages and possess the latest technology and training equipment. They can purchase anything without fear of running out of money which makes them both popular and feared for their power.

Name: Musical Prodigy
Type: Social Based
Description: A ninja's life is never easy, and rarely gives them the opportunity to relax. During one such moment, a possessor of this SC, on a whim, picked up an instrument. To their great surprise, that have a natural talent with it, and within a few hours of practice, quickly master its usage.
Instrument: Flute

Name: Master Chef
Type: Social Based
Description: Master Chef is the ability to create food for either traveling or serving their villages. Now being classified under the "Cooking-Nin" profession, labeling the ninja as now being an exceptional cook! They can whip up dishes of all kinds and provide satisfactory meals for their customers or companions. When out in the field the cooking ninja can use their surroundings to make food for their teammates or themselves. Because of their skill Cooking Nin tend to work at restaurants in the villages which gives them a steady income of Ryo and reputation among their villagers, especially if any are Akimichi.

[Name: Street Smarts
Type: Social Based
Description: Being raised in a era of battle and war the ninja has sometimes faced instances where they must gain natural street smarts in order to survive in various situations. Those with this characteristic gains a natural ability of self-preservation which allows them to survive in nearly any society or community by any means necessary. They can hustle Ryo quicker than one could imagine and can hold their own in times of struggle. Ninja with street smarts tend to have a heightened sense of intuition, honor, and fear in their respective communities.

Name: Friends in All Places
Type: Social Based
Description: After many travels, the ninja has gained s scattering of allies that wish to ensure safety to the user through either kinship or a repaying favor. Having these types of connections in the villages means the user always has some sort of home and can easily take refuge.

Name: Animal Speaking.
Type: Social Based
Description: A rare characteristic that one develops which allows them to understand and communicate with animals. Verbal exchange is common amongst those with this ability as the user will literally alter their voice to mimic the animal their speaking to as a way of communicating. More advanced people are even capable of feeling the emotions and pain of animals as well, although that requires physical contact. Animal Speaking is a very useful skill because they can manipulate animals to accomplish tasks, such as acting as scouts or gathering information they have already witnessed. Animals that serve as familiars to specific clans or people such as Kakichu Bugs, Inuzuaka dogs or summons, cannot be controlled due to their loyalty to their owners.

Element: Wind, Sound

Learned Traits:
Name: Silent Killing
Rank: C/B/A/S {B}
Type: Learned Trait
Description: The user is able to eliminate all sound from their movements, causing their attacks to be difficult to anticipate or defend against. This is especially prevalent in assassination attempts, and most ANBU tend to learn this Trait due to that fact.

Name: Diplomat
Rank: C
Type: Learned Trait
Description: The user is incredibly proficient at speaking to others. The user obtains Five slots for Social Affinities, which can be added to their profile at will. C-Rank Affinities count as One, B-Rank count as Three. Additionally, the user is able to pick up on another person's mood through their own experiences, is extremely empathetic, and may be more in tune with society as a whole.

Clan Jutsu:

Name: Clan Kekkei Genkai: Sound Wave Manipulation Technique
Rank: A
Cost: 15
Range: 0-30M
Description: Manipulates sound waves with motions, instruments, whistling, etc. Once the sound waves are under the user's control they can use them for any number of things such as causing "Pressure" damage against a target, altering the sound to sound like other sounds, deafening specific opponents, effecting motor skills, etc.

Name: Fantasia
Rank: S
Cost: 30 + 15 upkeep
Range: 0-15M
Description: She uses her sound manipulation and her genjutsu and condenses it into a moving barrier that slows the opponent down when they enter it. This does not happen physically but rather mentally. It makes the opponent think they are being held back by a barrier despite no barrier actually being present allowing the user to take advantage of any and all speed gaps between the two fighters.



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