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Chō Clan Empty Chō Clan

on Mon Oct 23, 2017 1:55 am
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Chō Clan Biography

The Chō Clan was born 80 years ago from one man’s conclusion that mankind was only as good as the world they lived in. With the expansion of villages and towns nature was being pushed out for more civilized society. Chō Ryukon left the Hidden Leaf Village so he could properly commune with nature and not lose himself to that time’s modern comforts.

He travelled across The Land of Fire, Earth, Lightning, Wind and Water respectively before settling in a forest who was also home to a member of the Miyoshi clan, who was in isolation to hone their skill with Earth/Doton Ninjutsu. The two shared common views of the world and quickly bonded, and within a few years had their first child. Rumors spread from travellers of the two living secluded, bringing like-minded individuals to seek them out and learn from them. The couple were happy and accepting of these people to had seeked them out, and after a few years all swore an oath together that they would never let themselves lose their bond over nature. Chō Ryukon created a jutsu that is now forgotten by the clan, but bound everyone present to the earth. The newly started Chō Clan found that they were able to use Earth/Doton jutsu easier and didn’t need to use as much chakra, however that was not all.

With this ease in using Earth/Doton jutsu came physical alterations to their eyes and sprouting butterfly wings. While at first shocking they all did not find this to be unpleasant. Eventually all 26 members came to the conclusion that they should spread out across the land, and act as caretakers of the earth. It was a feeling they all shared with the now physical bond they had with the ground beneath their feet. As such they split up, traveling across the world. Whether fate or part of the clan’s good luck the clan’s population always remains at 26. When a new member was born into the world the oldest would pass on peacefully, embraced by nature in their final moments. While they remain secluded and prioritise the safety of nature and wildlife members of the Chō Clan do pay their respects to the village they live by, meaning that they are neutral towards all.

Skills/Kekkei Genkai

Name: Butterfly Earth Bonding
Type: Body Mutation, Earth Element Proficiency
Stages: 1
Effects: This Kekkei Genkai creates colorful butterfly wings upon the user’s back, the colors and shape differing from person to person. The user’s eyes also change to one uniform color, also unique between each user. Along with the physical changes comes a 3 CP cost reduction from Earth/Metal specifically, not going lower than 1.

While this clan does have it’s own unique Jutsu, it is not restricted to this bloodline. These jutsu can be taught to someone that a clan member trusts that uses only Earth/Doton and Metal/Kinton jutsu specifically.

Jutsus it Unlocks

Name: Earth Release: Butterfly’s Sinking Cocoon
Rank: D
Range: 1-70 Feet
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Earth
Clan: Chō
Cost: 3
Description: The user of this jutsu places their palms on the ground and releases their chakra, using it to mold the earth up and around a friendly target like a cocoon and pull them underground, moving them to a safe location before rising up and releasing them. It can only be used on a willing target because it can be easily broken free from.

Name: Gaia’s Embrace, Celestial Butterfly Wall
Rank: A
Range: Close, 1-4 Feet
Jutsu Type:
Elemental Affinity: Earth, Metal
Cost: 20
Description: The user places their hands upon the ground and uses their chakra to form a massive wall in front of themselves. The wall is 25 feet wide, 40 feet high and 7 feet thick made from equal parts metal and stone, metal on the outside and stone inside. The side of the wall facing away from the user is engraved with a massive butterfly, its wings spread out as if shielding the user.

Name: Heavenly Piercing Gaia Spear, Celestial Butterfly Horn
Rank: A
Range: 1-100 Feet
Jutsu Type:
Elemental Affinity: Earth, Metal
Cost: 30
Description: This jutsu creates an elaborate spear made out of metal and stone, the stone making up the shaft and metal on the tip. The power inside the spear appears around the weapon like flowing vines. Once formed the weapon can be thrown using chakra (Add 1 to Cost) or can be grabbed and used for an up-close strike. In any event once used it released all its pent up energy at once at the point of impact to greatly damage whatever it hits.

Name: Butterfly Tongue Lash
Rank: C
Range: 3-6 Feet
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Earth  
Cost: 5
Description: The user grabs some dirt and brings it up to their mouth. Using chakra the dirt is molded into a whip-like appendage coming from the user’s mouth for a single close-range strike which crumbles away once used.
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Chō Clan Empty Re: Chō Clan

on Mon Oct 23, 2017 6:49 am


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