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Hokage: Hantā Yūgure Empty Hokage: Hantā Yūgure

on Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:51 pm
Hokage: Hantā Yūgure HOe5CWc
Name: Hantā Yūgure
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Bloodline: Civilian
Village:  Konoha
Homeland: Land of Ancestors (Bordered Land of That which borders Land of Fire and Land of Rivers)
Rank:  Hokage
Specialty: Nin, Fuin, Med, Gen
Element: Variable (Base Fire)

Primary Weapon:
Hokage: Hantā Yūgure AHeyuNX
Name: Bashōsen
Rank: S
Cost 10 | 40
Range 0-30M
Description: The Bashōsen is a large fan that is able to generate all five of the basic elemental chakra natures (Fire, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Water). To do so, the user need only say a mental command, which produces substantial amounts of the desired element when the fan is waved. The fan could also be used as a shield and is able to defend against jutsu such as Storm Release: Laser Circus which is an A rank jutsu, though it consumes chakra to do so. The user uses this weapon as a conduit for their own unique chakra ability to help reduce the drain of the weapon itself. Making it cost 10 chakra per use instead of 40 (However if the correct tattoo is not active for the part of Bashosen being used the cost is still 40. As an example the Back tattoo would not reduce cost for any of the five elements.

Secondary Weapon:
Hokage: Hantā Yūgure MCUpYrG
Name: Hakai-Zai
Rank: S
Cost: 35
Range: Melee
Type: Ninjutsu, Fire
Description: Semi-sentient glove that craves for battle and to be used. It contains special chakra that allows explosions to be made to objects that come into contact with the gauntlet the damage these explosions cause are similar to a  Fire Jutsu and prevent backlash against the wearer of Hakai-zai, though it doesn't prevent other explosions from hitting her only it's own.

Chakra Capacity: 330
Chakra Regeneration: 8

Learned Traits:

Name: Spiritual God
Rank: A
Type: Learned Trait
Description: The user has focused on their spiritual body for so long that they have a natural attunement to it. All Taijutsu costs 200% more, but the user receives a bonus 20% to their chakra pool, and all jutsu other than Taijutsu cost 3 less, minimum of 1, stacking with anything else. Mutually exclusive with Physical God, as a user may not have both. Neither the cost reduction nor cost increase affect Upkeep.

Name: Fast Learner
Rank: B
Type: Learned Trait
Description: The user is a fast learner when it comes to new techniques, experiences, or anything else. With this trait, a user is able to learn another trait by observing it once, replacing this trait, at any tier, though they may not use this to obtain two Traits that are exclusive with each other. Alternatively, a user may use this Trait to learn a single Physical or Chakra-based Affinity, up to A-Rank. This Trait may only be taken once, and when used in either way is removed with an Open slot remaining for the user's Learned Traits. This trait must be learned on the user's own, without outside help, and must be used by witnessing someone else utilizing what the user wants to learn.

Name: [Tier IV] Monstrous Chakra Capacity
Rank: S
Type: Chakra Based
Description: The ninja's chakra capacity now becomes legendary as it transcends that of any normal ninja would ever possess. The ninja chakra reserves are now stronger than most jinchuriki and those around them can sense the intense power radiating from the user. Those with monstrous chakra capacity have their chakra reserves increased by 75CP. This does not stack with Tier III.

Name: [Tier III] Perfect Chakra Control
Rank: A
Type: Chakra Based
Description: The user is more careful about their Chakra reserves, resulting in a flat 7 Chakra reduced from the cost of any and all jutsu, and a flat 1 Chakra reduced from the cost of upkeep. This cannot reduce costs below 1.

Name: [Tier III] Ferocious Endurance
Rank: A
Type: Physical
Description: The second last level in the art of endurance, having being only accessible to those who have undergone intensive training in increasing their raw power. The possessor of this talent has an increased strength of thrice that of their peers which makes them remarkably tougher and harder to down. At this stage their endurance has transcended so high that they are now immune to the sensation of pain, even at a point where others would have passed out.

Name: [Tier I] Chakra Sensory
Rank: B
Type: Chakra Based
Description: The ninja awakens a dormant talent they've possessed and develops a new type of sensory. Now being classified as a "Sensor Ninja" the ninja is capable of detecting the presence of other people through a unique application their chakra. This sensory ability has two main facets of function. With the first the user must remaining focused and stationary and as a result the sensor will be able detect their targets from a great distance which can extend to a maximum of 100 meters. In this state they are capable of differentiating a character by their signature chakra alone to such an extent they can pin-point any individual within their sensory limit even if they are surrounded in a crowd as well as the size of their targets' chakra reserves. In the midst of combat, this ability is far less refined as the user is unable to maintain the proper focus. Without the proper time and effort a Sensor is only capable of utilizing their basic sensory at a maximum of 20 meters and the details they gain are far less specific. They are only able to recognize those of a familiar chakra signature with ease and beyond that their abilities are limited to a sense of vague location with no clues in regard to the actions or abilities of their opponents. It's not possible to sense without at least a minimal amount of effort, regardless of whether the enhanced or less refined senses are being applied. If multiple people are in close proximity to each other, it becomes harder to differentiate between chakra signatures. At max range, if people are within 5m of each other, their chakras become muddled. If the targets are within 20m of the sensor, their chakra only becomes muddled if they are within 1m of each other.

Name: Art Prodigy
Rank: C
Type: Social Based
Description: A ninja's life is never easy, and rarely gives them the opportunity to relax. During one such moment, a possessor of this SC, on a whim, picked up a sketchbook or a paint brush. A few hours of soothing, relaxing creating later, they find they actually have a knack for it. Or at the very least, someone will look at their drawing of a vase and say "Yup, that's a vase" rather than "That's a very abstract portrait of the Hokage you have there."

Personal Jutsu:

Name: Mugen Irezumi Inkan
Rank: Variable
Range: Supplementary
Jutsu Type: Fuuinjutsu, Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Variable
Cost: 1
Description: A technique which requires no hand seals, the user focuses their chakra at the exact location of a tattoo on their body. This tattoo can be of anything, from the ANBU symbol for their village to a butterfly. Upon activation, the Tattoo will glow with the user's chakra color and instill a benefit based on the Tattoo itself. The user can only activate two tattoo's at a time and must turn them off to activate another. The tattoo effects cannot be combined (So no advanced elements or mixture techniques). They function exactly as described.

  • Konoha ANBU Tattoo (Right Thigh): The user has access to the Katon[Fire] Element.
  • Suna ANBU Tattoo (Left Calf): The user has access to the Fuuton[Wind] Element.
  • Kumo ANBU Tattoo (Left Thigh): The user has access to the Raiton[Lightning] Element.
  • Kiri ANBU Tattoo (Right Calf): The user has access to the Suiton[Water] Element.
  • Iwa ANBU Tattoo (Left arm bicep): The user has access to the Doton[Earth] Element.
  • Butterfly Tattoo (Back): The user has access to Butterfly Mode giving Chakra Butterfly wings and enhancing speed, and strength as well as giving flight ability for three posts at the cost of 15 chakra per activation.
  • Yang Release Symbol Tattoo (Palm of right hand): The user has access to the Yang Release which grants A Rank Mystical Palms Technique for 10 chakra with 9 upkeep. This healing jutsu is able to heal internal and external wounds over time through direct contact.
  • Yin Release Symbol Tattoo (Palm of left hand): The user has access to the A Ranked Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change at 15 cost. This jutsu defeats a genjutsu the user is caught in and reverses it back on the original caster in an instant with identical effects.

Learned Jutsu:

Name: Tengai Shinsei
Rank: S
Cost: 50 for one + 50 for each after the first (Max of 3)
Range: 0-100M
Description: The user summons and draws in massive meteorites from the upper atmosphere down towards a specific location on the ground. As they descend in succession along the same trajectory, if one of these meteorites is stopped, she can summon another one which will then collide with the first, ensuring that they crash into their intended destination.


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