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Character Template Empty Character Template

on Wed Oct 04, 2017 1:57 pm

[b][u]Rank[/u]:[/b] Genin [Tier 3]
[b][u]Chakra Capacity[/u]:[/b]
[b][u]Chakra Regeneration[/u]:[/b] 2/Post

[b][u]Learned Traits[/u]:[/b]

[b][u]Jutsu Type[/u]:[/b]
[b][u]Elemental Affinity[/u]:[/b]
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Character Template Empty Re: Character Template

on Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:43 pm
Name: No explanation really needed. However, we are roleplaying in the Naruto Universe, so Japanese names are generally the best way to go. This, by no means, limits your choice to use other names. It is merely a suggestion.

Gender: Male or female. Can't go wrong here.

Age: Self-explanatory so long as it is kept within reason. You are not going to have a five year old Jounin or an eighty-six year old Genin. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule.

Bloodline: Bloodline is a fancy word for your character's Kekkai Genkai. If your character possesses a bloodline, then place the link for the approved clan here. If your charater does not have a bloodline, then either leave the section blank or use a "-".

Village: This shows the village that your character is allied with. You are limited to Konoha, Suna, Kumo, Iwa, Kiri, or if you choose none of them, Rogue]

Rank: Your Rank: Genin, Special Chuunin, Chuunin, Special Jounin, Jounin, Kage. Each Rank (except for Kage) has 3 sub-tiers; a Tier 3 Genin is fresh out of the Academy, while is Tier 1 Genin is ready for exams.

Specialty: This is, perhaps, the most difficult section of the template. Your specialty will determine the area that your character is most proficient in. Genin are allowed to have one specialty. Upon reaching Chuunin, they gain another specialty, bring the total to two. Jounin are allowed to have three specialties and S-ranked are given four.

In addition, please specify which specialty corresponds with which rank using brackets.

An example of this would be:

Specialty: Ninjutsu [Genin] - Taijutsu [Chuunin] - Genjutsu [Jounin]

In the spoiler below are a list of specialties that you are able to choose from. Remember that these are guidelines and the bonuses/drawbacks can be altered with work from a mod. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact myself or another mod for clarification.

Appearance: [Just a picture is fine.]

Chakra Capacity: [This is determined by your Rank and your Affinities][Genin start with 50]
Chakra Regeneration: [This is determined by your Rank][Genin start with 2/Post]

Affinity: [Info HERE]

Element: This will determine the element that your character possesses. You can choose from the five basic elements [fire, earth, wind, water, lightning] or an advanced element if you belong to a clan. All shinobi are allowed one element, which is the one they have a natural affinity for. In order for a Genin to have an element, they must have a ninjutsu specialty [read the specialty guidelines for more details, read all of it not just the ninjutus part or you'll be pretty confused]. Additional elements are also granted as a result of that specialty.

Ninjutsu - The art of manipulating chakra in order to change reality. Genin are now required to use the Ninjutsu specialty if they wish to use an element at Genin. The reason for this is to improve specialization as well as the amount of time required in studying elements requires dedication to ninjutsu. Specializing in ninjutsu allows for more powerful and more complex ninjutsu, as well as the ability to understand and predict other ninjutsu being utilized against you. In general, a ninjutsu user will also have a more thoroughly trained chakra supply, particularly if this specialty is taken on at lower levels.

Those without this specialty are restricted to one element for Ninjutsu, which they unlock at Chuunin Level. Taking this Specialty gives the user access to one element at Genin, two elements at Chuunin, and three elements at Jounin. At Jounin level or higher, the User can also take this specialty a second time, granting them an additional two elements, totalling at Five. This specialty cannot be taking more than twice.

Flowchart explaining this Specialty.

Genjutsu - The art of illusion. Genjutsu specialization allows the creation of more powerful illusions and resistance to illusions as well as identifying triggers. Genjutsu users will have a sharper mind than most. World-changing, mind-imprisoning techniques akin to Tsukiyomi will only be allowed by long-term Genjutsu users.

At Jounin level of higher, the User can also take this Specialty a second time, granting them an additional effect: Genjutsu are increased by One Rank in potency, making it more difficult to dispel Genjutsu Techniques cast by this user. The user is also completely immune to Genjutsu 2 ranks lower than the Ninja. (Jounin are immune to C-Rank Genjutsu, Kage are immune to B-Rank & C-Rank Genjutsu)

Taijutsu - The art of physical combat. Taijutsu specialization allows for invention of styles, increased strength, and chakra-enhanced Gai/Lee-style taijutsu attacks. Only Taijutsu specialists will be allowed to use their chakra elements in taijutsu moves. Increases overall strength and/or speed of the character and makes them resistant to physical damage (even that by ninjutsu users, assuming the attack is blunt). Taijutsu users are also better at predicting physical attacks and have an increased chance of dodging against them.

At Jounin level or higher, the User can also take this Specialty a second time, unlocking the ability to use gates 5, 6, and 7.

Kenjutsu/Weaponry - Previously different specialties, now merged into one. A Kenjutsu/Weaponry expert understands how weapons are used and how the body can wield them, allowing them to create and defend against complicated attacks. This specialty allows for higher ranked weapons as well a elemental inspired moves involving the ninja's weapon of choice. Physical conditioning is also improved, but more importantly the ability to dodge and block (as absorbing a blow in a sword fight isn't usually an option). Weapon experts can also create scrolls capable of unleashing devastating attacks. Kenjutsu/Weapon experts tend to be tactical.

At Jounin level or higher, the User can also take this Specialty a second time, allowing them to flawlessly weave jutsu through their weapons. Any Jutsu which use the user's weapon have their cost reduced by 3, and upkeeps are reduced by 1, both to a minimum of 1.

Fuuinjutsu - The art of sealing. Fuuinjutsu specialization allows for more powerful and complex seals, the ability to quick apply seals, and increased understanding of them, allowing for removal and adjustment, as well as duplication. Characters without this specialization may not apply such seals to themselves or other characters. Not having a Fuuinjutsu specialty earlier may limit your acess to more powerful and complex creations. Fuuinjutsu users can be very cerebral and intelligent.

At Jounin level or higher, the User can also take this Specialty a second time, dramatically increasing their sealing potential and reducing the time it takes to complete a seal. This level of Fuuinjutsu is require for anything remotely close to the level of sealing a Bijuu.

Medical Arts - The art of healing. Medical ninjutsu are limited to Chuunin and above, however the most powerful medical techniques can only be unlocked by those who have held the Medical Art specialty since the beginning. This makes the Genin years very hard since there is no element to fall back on and only physical healing to help their comrades. Still, the most determined and skilled medical-nin will find ways around these problems to become great life-bringers. Medics tend to be caring.

At Jounin level or higher, the User can also take this Specialty a second time, reducing the cost of Medical Jutsu by 4, and upkeep by 1, both to a minimum of 1. Additionally, the User can create and use special Medical Jutsu, akin to Tsunade's Miotic Regeneration Jutsu.

Puppetry - The art of using combat puppets. Puppetry specialization unlocks the Chakra String technique and allows them to create puppets in the equipment section. Higher ranked puppets are reserved for those who have held the puppetry specialization for longer periods of time. This also allows for prediction of other puppet weaponry and actions. Puppeteers tend to be very strategic.

You may take this Specialty a few times, much like Ninjutsu. Taking this Specialty once allows you to have one puppet at Genin, two at Chuunin, and three at Jounin; taking this specialty twice allows you to have four puppets at Chuunin and six puppets at Jounin. Taking this specialty a third (and final) time allows you to have ten puppets at Jounin. More beyond this would require a Kekkei Genkai dedicated to puppeteering.

Summoning - The ability to summon multiple creatures to assist you in battle. Summon specialization allows the user to summon up to 3 Summons simultaneously, opposed to 1 without it, and allows them to have 3 total summons at Genin, 6 at Chuunin, and 10 at Jonin. -- [Those without this specialty may have 1 summon at Genin, 2 at Chuunin, and 3 at Jonin; they may not exceed their own rank, and only one can be summoned at a time.]

At Jounin level or higher, the User can also take this Specialty a second time, which is required for the user to unlock Sage Mode - this requires having no Kekkei Genkai. Additionally, their total summons and their active summons increase by 5 and 2 respectively, giving them a total of 15, and up to 5 active summons. The user also unlocks a SINGLE S-Rank Summon which they may use.



General Information

Katon or Fire by definition is a state, process, or instance of combustion in which fuel or other material is ignited and combined with oxygen, giving off light, heat, and flame. Fire is the element of power, not having much capacity for anything but offense the fire element is typically a flashy and powerful element. Fire as a base element can be used for thing such as fireballs and flame throwing. If chosen to add fire again as a Chūnin, this level of mastery allows the user to more finely tune temperature and form of the fire, allowing for more controlled fire techniques. Fire is empowered by wind based elements and weakened against water based elements. Below are the different advanced element combinations that can be achieved. Please note, the order in which the elements are gained is not relevant.


F I R E + F I R E

  • 炎 | Enton | Blaze

    When a genin has unlocked the potential of fire, it is at it's rawest form. At Chūnin, the fire is mastered, the shinobi can now give it form and can tame or unleash it's power. At it's highest and purest level fire becomes so powerful it is known as Honoo or Blaze, when used as a jutsu it's name becomes Enton. This element is fire's purest form, consuming nearly everything it touches in flames, and those that won't ignite are simply melted. Simple water or rocks, will no longer subdue this flame as it sets everything in its path ablaze. Only liquids and crystals may snuff out this powerful flame.


F I R E + W I N D

  • 迅 | Jinton | Swift

    Coupling the manipulation of the wind element with the power of the fire element, grants the user amazing speed. Able to propel one's self forward with fire and create an aerodynamic effect similar to a jet with wind. The user of the Jinton element can now move and react faster than most shinobi could ever hope to imagine. This element can not only be used to increase speed but can produce concussive blasts using superheated air, similar to the shockwave of an explosion. Not only knocking the opponent down but in some cases burning them.


F I R E + L I G H T N I N G

  • 漿 | Purton | Plasma

    The fourth state of matter, plasma comes from super-heating the air to create an ionized gas. Fire alone does not have this kind of heat but added with supercharged lightning element, this element is a child of two volatile and ferocious parents. This ionized gas can reach temperatures greater than that of the surface of the sun, making this matter extremely volatile when coming in contact with skin. Plasma is a fluid matter in that like gas it has no specific shape or form unless inside a container. This substance can burn an opponent beyond recognition on the outside or fill an opponent's lungs to burn them from the inside out. This element is versatile and deadly.


F I R E + E A R T H

  • 溶 | Youton | Lava

    When fire reaches a certain temperature it begins to consume even rock, provide it with some and you the the Lava or Magma element, Youton. This element has the ability to pin down and burn your enemy alive using the weight of the rock and the heat of the flame. Lava is a game-changing element, it can carve out new landscapes in seconds, turning a forest into a scorched patch of earth or turn a empty patch of ocean into an island. Lava is a deliberate element whose actions cannot be undone. Be careful how you use it.


F I R E + W A T E R

  • 沸 | Futton | Boil

    As common knowledge will tell you, when water is heated to a certain point it boils. This boiling can be used to violently burn your opponents via steam or superheated water. This element combines the heat of fire with the liquid properties of water to create a subtle but damage dealing element. Be it via steam, superheated water, or flash steam explosions, this element will find a way to burn you and keep you burning. With steam, heated water vapor creates not only a cloud to hide under but a burning climate for your opponent to roast in. Superheated water, is water that is heated to 100˚C but has not boiled due to the surface tension of the water holding the vapor in. This water can drench an opponent burning them severely. A flash steam explosion is what happens when the surface tension is released from superheated water creating a rapidly expanding, extremely hot, cloud of steam.


General Information

Fuuton or Wind, is the flow of gases on a large scale. Wind is the element of freedom, it's uses are widely varied and often range from pure destruction to subtle assassination. Wind is also a powerful cutting element, it can be channeled through chakra weapons to increase a blade's sharpness to where it can cut through stone. Wind is a base element known for pushing or pulling techniques involving violent air that blows opponents away or creating vacuums to draw opponents in. Wind can also be used destructively however, creating tornadoes or whirlwinds that can devastate a landscape. If chosen to add Wind again as a Chūnin, one can control the flow of certain gases and can give a fine-tuned form to wind. Wind is empowered by lightning based elements and weakened against fire based elements. Below are the different advanced element combinations that can be achieved. Please note, the order in which the elements are gained is not relevant.


W I N D + W I N D

  • 音 | Oton | Sound

    The culmination of and mastery of pure Fuuton chakra results in the advanced element, Oton or Sound. The Sound element grants the user control over all molecules and their movements. This includes the vibration of air molecules that result in the sounds we hear. A Sound user can create, destroy, or manipulate the sounds around someone. This allows for confusing and misleading genjutsu. Sound also has a more destructive side, by resonating air molecule vibrations with thing such as glass ,or in higher level techniques even metal, can fall victim the resonance and literally shake itself apart. Sound is a subtle yet effective element that devastates elements like Jiton(Magnetism) and can only be stopped by elements of its own level like Enton (Blaze).


W I N D + L I G H T N I N G

  • 太 | Taiyōn | Solar

    Also referred to as the Toton or Light element, the Taiyōn or Solar element is the broader element that encompasses the Toton element. This elements grants control over charged particles within the air. Unlike Purton, Taiyōn does not deal with the heat of the ionized air but instead seeks to manipulate the particles themselves. This control allows users to stream electricity regular lightning users could not dream of and Purton users never dare to. This gives electricity a more fluid motion than regular lightning, allowing for smoother transitions between attacks. With control of these particles comes the control of the light they bend, allowing users to become master genjutsu specialist. The downside to the usefulness of Taiyōn element is that their charges rarely exceed 100eV, which is barely enough power to explode a small boulder. So while versatile, its overall power is small compared to other elements.


W I N D + E A R T H

  • 砂 | Suton | Sand

    Suton or the Sand element, works very much on the same principle as the Youton (Lava) element. Wind is a powerful cutting force, provide it with earth and it will turn it into sand. Sand users are common throughout Sunagakure no Sato and Kaze no Kuni in general. This element allows the users to manipulate sand, dust, and other minuscule bits of earth and use it against their enemy. Sand is an irritant, causing friction amongst skin and other objects it wears away at enemies and their weapons allowing the user to effectively 'rub' out their enemy like wood under sandpaper. Using earth chakra to produce the earth and the wind chakra to turn into sand, when both chakras are combined they control the sand with a fluid movement usually associated with water. Sand is a steady element that can wear down even the most enduring opponents.


W I N D + W A T E R

  • 闇 | Meiton | Dark

    Meiton or Dark chakra, is a mixture of wind and water chakras used to reflect light away from the intended creating darkness. Perhaps the most notable subversion of this element is the Kagton (Shadow) element used by the Nara clan. Meiton chakra is used to blind an opponent, it is also used however for chakra absorbtion. By absorbing the opponent's chakra with the user's own in the surrounding air, once can effectively bolster their own chakra reserves for fighting and other techniques. Seeing as Meiton has no true physical qualities on its own it cannot damage an opponent directly. Meiton instead is a more supplementary element used for blinding an enemy and absorbing their chakra.


W I N D + F I R E

  • 逃 | Sāton | Flight

    The brethren of Jinton, even their Kanji appear similar (Flight - 逃, Swift -迅), Sāton is the combined forces of wind and fire to produce flight. Unlike those who use the power of fire more than they do wind to achieve speed, Flight users utilize more wind chakra than fire. Flight chakra utilizes wind to create a convection current that constantly draws in cool air around a bubble around the user. While using fire chakra to heat up the air within the bubble, this creates a balloon effect granting the user the ability of flight. Manipulating the air current around the bubble or the heat within it can control the speed and direction of the user. While it does not grant the amazing speed associated with Jinton, Sāton adds a whole new dimension to battle. Allowing users to reign down on their opponents from the sky above.


General Information

Raiton, or Lightning is element of precision, it is the instantaneous discharge of electrons in the atmosphere, striking down the unknowing where they stand. Lightning travels at speeds of 60,000 m/s (That's 130,000 mph) and can reach temperatures skyward of30,000°C (54,000°F), hot enough to turn silica sand into glass. Lightning is compacts all the power of fire into a single arc of pure destruction, those who use it wield with great caution. Lightning is generally used in bolts or run through a channel to electrocute the opponent. If Lightning is added again at Chūnin, the level of mastery increases, allowing the user to more finely control and aim the bolt, even sustaining it's existence. It also allows the user to increase the power of the bolts or surges of Lightning. Below are the different advanced element combinations that can be achieved. Please note, the order in which the elements are gained is not relevant.


L I G H T N I N G + L I G H T N I N G

  • シ | Koton | Shock

    Koton, or the Shock element, is the mastery of lightning chakra. Mastering the static charges in the air one create pre-determined paths for their bolts without their opponent ever knowing, leading them into nets of ionized air where the user's deadly charge is all it takes to set the air alive with volts upon volts of electricity. The Koton element can also be used more subtly, using the mastery of charged particles to interrupt brain synapses to the muscles and at the highest level stopping the brain from sending synapses at all. Koton is a devious element used in both subtle and grandiose fashions to finish the opponent. Koton turns metal users into fried ninja allowing only elements like Oton (Sound) to disrupt its deadly charge.


L I G H T N I N G + E A R T H

  • 磁 | Jiton | Magnetism

    Mastering the alignment of electrons in electricity at Chūnin and then applying that mastery to the electrons inside the earth allow the user to control magnetism. Magnetism is a versatile element that allows one to rearrange the electrons in a substance, particularly earth and metals, to reverse their magnetism. This can be effective for disarming opponents, as well as creating a whole new battlefield. On higher levels, magnetic fields can be formed allowing for 'floating' kunai, swords, shuriken, etc. and enough control over them to have them fight for you within the magnetic field. Magnetism is without a doubt a versatile and useful element.


L I G H T N I N G + W A T E R

  • 嵐 | Araton | Storm

    Perhaps the ultimate supplementary element, Araton, or the Storm element is a powerful element indeed. By utilizing the water vapor in the air and creating a static charge with lightning, the user has just created weather...a storm. This element can create thunderstorms of tremendous size, thus setting the ultimate battlefield for Water and Lightning users. Creating a storm over a battlefield provides the user with plenty of water for water-based jutsu, and allows the user to summon lightning down from the heaven's themselves with the static charge built up within the clouds above. Storm users are devastating opponents that smite their enemies, erasing them from the face of the earth.


L I G H T N I N G + F I R E

  • 放 | Hōton | Radiation

    Combining both Lightning and Fire chakras gives access to the reactivity of substances on the molecular level. This allows a user of the Hōton element to control the heat transference and in high levels sub-atomic transfers from molecule to molecule. This level of control allows users to subtly sterilize a wound on themselves or induce heatstroke in an opponent. For the elite and more grandiose however, molecules can bombarded with sub-atomic particles producing explosions of a cataclysmic level. Hōton is an element of variation, allowing one to quietly lead the opponent to their death or send them out with a bang.


L I G H T N I N G + W I N D

  • 靂 | Ikton | Thunder

    Chakra produced bolts of lightning lack the impressive power that naturally occurring lightning possesses, including the ear-pounding boom of thunder we're used to associating with lightning. However, when you mix wind and lightning chakras you can restore this sound and more. When mixing the lightning and wind chakras, upon discharge of the air-mixed lightning chakra the air becomes superheated and rapidly expands outward creating the large booming sound as well as providing a small concussive blast of air. While it may seem like a one trick pony, the loud booms can mask the sounds of your movements if your hidden and the blast of air can knock an opponent off their feet. So while the element is fairly simple, the ways you use it are going to determine just how effective it is.


General Information

Doton, or Earth is the element of substance, Earth is steady and enduring. Doton utilizes the dirt and rock itself to crush the opponent, also using it for changing landscapes to change the battlefield to better suit their styles. Earth is also the defensive element, typically used to erect barriers and protect its user. If earth is pursued still as a Chūnin, one gains greater control over different types of earth, including types of rocks and readily available minerals such as quartz and other crystalline minerals in the natural environment. Earth is the stopper of water techniques, preventing their flow from reaching any targets they desire. Lightning however obliterates any rocks into tiny smoldering pebbles, making it ineffective against lightning techniques. Below are the different advanced element combinations that can be achieved. Please note, the order in which the elements are gained is not relevant.


E A R T H + E A R T H

  • 金 | Kinton | Metal

    Purified earth, Kinton, or the metal element is the epitome of earth elements. The ability to control the hardest of substances metal users are a force to be reckoned with. With the ability to purify earth with their mastery of Doton chakra, these users have nearly invincible shields and an arsenal of weapons waiting to be created from the earth around them. Able to produce and mold metal, these users are armed to the teeth and always prepared to maim their opponents. Normal lightning fails against these users as it is grounded before it even has a chance. Only tier two lightning elements stand a chance and any water based elements attacks might as well bid farewell as they could never pierce the hardened steel of these users.


E A R T H + W A T E R

  • 木 | Mokuton | Plantlife

    Take some soil and add some water and you have the perfect combination to grow plantlife rapidly and en mass. Combining earth and water chakras allows one to produce plantlife, most notably wood, rapidly and in varying size and shape. The applications for this element are endless as shown by not only the Senju clan itself but Yamato as well throughout the anime. Though the wood aspect of this element has been lost with time, the other types and variations of fibrous plants and plants in general are abundant to say the least. The uses for this element are practically endless.


E A R T H + F I R E

  • 晶 | Shouton | Crystal

    When earth is formed deep underground and heated it begins to take on a crystalline structure forming our precious and not-so-precious gems. Using the earth and fire chakras to control the pressure and temperature of the earth, one can form anything from glass to diamond. These earth users are flexible and versatile and their fighting techniques, using their crystal to make confusing labyrinths or to pierce the hardest of skins these users are difficult opponents. The difference from advanced earth is that these users can produce crystal when none is around using their combined chakra. These users are few and far between but their techniques are nothing short of breath-taking and beautiful.


E A R T H + W I N D

  • 相 | Aiton | Phasing

    By combining both earth and wind chakras one gains access to the molecular world around them. The culmination of these two chakras allows the user to induce both reduction and an increase in size of their own molecules and the earth around them. Some of the most notable uses of this element are that of the Onoda clan and Kaguya clan. This element allows for subtle uses such as passing through solid objects as well as more grandiose techniques such as turning a pebble into a boulder. This element is extremely versatile and in the right hands extremely deadly.


E A R T H + L I G H T N I N G

  • 引 | Jūton | Gravity

    By combining earth and lightning chakra one can control gravity itself. By controlling the weight of an object a user can leave their opponent unarmed or worse unable to move. Gravity can crush opponents or simply leave them disoriented. Perhaps the more deadly of the earth elements, Jūton users take domain of a law of the natural world, something no shinobi can escape. Jūton is a fairly straightforward element and while blunt can be used a couple of interesting fashions. One of the more notable clans that use this element are the Soratodai of Kumogakure no Sato.


General Information

Suiton, or Water, is the element of change. It's techniques are used to turn an opponent's strength against them or overwhelm them altogether. In it's basic form water is a simple enough affinity to use having both offensive and defensive capabilities. These users utilize water from nearby sources to defend and attack their opponents. If chose as an element again at Chūnin, mastery over Suiton becomes greater, being able to draw water from places such as aquifers or from the ground itself in wetlands, these users now have greater control over their water able to direct it and in some cases pressurize it and hit their opponents with devastating results. Fire based elements hardly stand a chance against these elements, while water based elements themselves can't hope to defeat the earth based elements of other shinobi. Below are the different advanced element combinations that can be achieved. Please note, the order in which the elements are gained is not relevant.


W A T E R + W A T E R

  • 体 | Ekton | Liquids

    At it's pique the mastery of the water element is terrifying in it's power. Having mastered hydrogen dioxide, a user of Ekton, or the Liquid element, can now call upon any water-based liquid to aid him in his fight. This means anything from sea water to ethanol, these users have a wealth of liquids to summon to their sides to defeat their opponents. This overwhelming amount of liquids and variations of such are the only things known to snuff out the Enton (Blaze) element completely. However, even the strongest liquid could never hope to penetrate through the Kinton (Metal) element.


W A T E R + F I R E

  • 霧 | Kirton | Mist

    Cool water over a dim flame will produce the cool mist famous to Kirigakure no Sato. This element is prime for assassinations and leaving your opponent blind in the heat of battle. This element is ideal for hit and run techniques allowing you to attack your unsuspecting opponent and then disappear back into the mist. Kirton is also a perfect element for genjutsu users trapping their opponent in the mist before sending them into an alternate reality. Perhaps the most notorious user of this element is Momochi Zabuza, the rogue shinobi from The 'Bloody' Mist Village. This technique is subtle and instills fear into the unknowing opponent leaving them blind and confused.


W A T E R + W I N D

  • 氷 | Hyouton | Ice

    Combining water with the cooling temperatures of wind creates the infamous Ice element. Used by Haku to trap Naruto on The Great Naruto Bridge, Ice has proven itself to be a formidable element. Able to create solid mirror walls that's uses are anything but finite, and the freezing capability alone make Ice a cold and heartless element. Ice runs rampant on element's such as plasma whose ionized air is negated by the cooling temperatures of Ice. However when faced with earth elements such as Shouton (Crystal) it shatters against the crystalline structures. Ice is perhaps the easiest element that can be molded, making versatile in shape and ultimately function.


W A T E R + L I G H T N I N G

  • 溶 | Tokton | Dissolve

    Combining water with the lightning element enhances the solvent properties of water. The ions in the Raiton (Lightning) element increase the dipole effect water has do its molecular structure creating an element that at its weakest can eat through rock and at its strongest tear through Lava. Although it has difficulties with small particles such as sand, Tokton is a voracious element that is made for eating through nearly anything, using the polarity of its base element water turbocharged with lightning. This element is made for tearing down defenses and inflicting slow and cruel flesh-eating pain on its opponents. The only thing this element can't dissolve are non-polar molecules, with no way to tear the poles apart, the element is rendered useless.


W A T E R + E A R T H

  • 乾 | Kanton | Desiccation

    Kanton, or the element of Desiccation, is one of the culminations of water and earth chakras. As you've probably guessed by now, Kanton allows the user to turn otherwise living cells and replace them with stone. By controlling the water in molecules and extracting it, the user can replace the water with minerals and earth.This allows an elite shinobi to turn fields into stone deserts and humans into statues. A truly terrifying element, this combination is usually utilized by only the stone-hearted. There is however a flip-side to this ability, one could also reverse the desiccation process of a desiccated object, a failsafe for accidents and a potential for perhaps some more forbidden techniques.

Please follow the Jutsu guidelines as well.

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